Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than eCommerce for Beginners | No Risk Way To Develope Skills

In this video, I’m going to be explaining why affiliate marketing may be better for absolute beginners than e-commerce.

E-commerce seems to have become a buzz word if you’re looking to make money online e-commerce is just what you do. I can tell however from many of the people who message me or comment on my videos with questions that a lot of people aren’t yet ready for e-commerce. They don’t have the skill sets needed to run an e-commerce store, drive traffic, build an audience, etc.

Running an e-commerce store requires a lot of work and a lot of different skillsets. You’re a web designer, copywriter, customer service agent, you have to manage the payment processors and ship your orders. All of this on top of driving traffic to your store and bringing customers and driving sales.

In Affiliate Marketing your only job is to create content and drive sales. With Affiliate Marketing there’s also 0 risks to you and you can do it either for free or just a couple Dollars.

I feel like affiliate marketing is similar to how many stock trading platforms have a play account where people can test the waters before diving in.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to try out and test various niches and products, it allows you to see what sells and what doesn’t, what methods work and which don’t, all without having to shell out any money on inventory and without having to interact with any real customers.

I’m not saying that you can’t jump right into e-commerce, you absolutely can and many people do and are successful, but I sort of view affiliate marketing as a pre-requisite to starting your own e-commerce store. You can figure out if you even enjoy it, if you’re even good at it, etc before making a monetary commitment.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

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