What is Programmatic Advertising, Buying, and Marketing ?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for approximately per year or so, no doubt you’ll have heard of programmatic promotion or promotion being jump nearby services, blog posts, in conventions and from people who want to target more efficient spend in the advertising arena.

The IAB estimates that by 2018 programmatic spend could have grown from 28% in 2013 to over 80% of marketing spend. It’s time to jump on board and think about where and how you’ll be spending your digital budget.

This post provides you with a high level – whistle stop tour of what is programmatic. How it’s projected as a “game changer” in digital marketing budget changes and how it can benefit you.

What is Programmatic marketing?

Simply set – programmatic marketing is a means to target what forms of audience you want to show your advertising to. Which could encompass segments in particular sections of the state across demographics to geographical, sex, social standing, for example, age. You are able to choose which publishers you want your own ads to show on. By doing this you’re only paying for exceptionally effective advertisements, delivered to the correct people in the correct time. It’s a change from traditional advertising buying. No longer a buyer agrees to run a certain number of advertisements using a publisher and is locked into the contract.

In this process, applications are used to automate the buying, placement, and optimization of media inventory via a bidding system. Automating the process means that it may be done in real time and doesn’t rely on manual insertions, the human touch, and manual trading.

Programmatic media buying enables the “owner/brand” to tailor a specific message and creative to the proper person, in the best time in the best circumstance – using crowd penetration from your brand (the customers you want to target) around the kind of crowd they want to target.

(img: http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2015/09/18/the-current-state-of-programmatic-advertising/)

How is Programmatic Marketing different?

Advertising buyers manually purchase digital ads space (inventory) for their customers, so again, using the human touch. Programmatic makes the buying, placement, and optimization of the process better as it’s done by computers and algorithms – removing some of the routine areas of working with different tagging requests, insertion orders and hopefully it should lessen the time to market too.

How about Programmatic RTB (Real-time buying)?

Programmatic RTB is different to PPC – as its advertising that is done for display. It’s an automated way in media that is transacting that bought and sold via technology platforms in Real-time. The RTB component comes into play, where brands/advertisers set distinct variants including cost, crowd section profiles (sorts of individuals) they are attempting to reach making use of their message and the complete network reach.But how does it work in actual life?

When a web page has been loaded and has got the space for an advert (and there aren’t many that don’t serve ads of some kind eh) on it, advice that’s been assembled about both the user/visitor (audience section depending on net behavior etc) and the circumstance of the site or web page it’s being loaded to, is sent back and forth to an advertising exchange and the ad is put on that page. This space gets auctioned off to the maximal bidder as well as their ad is put in the space – this all is performed in milliseconds without apparent detriment to user experience or page loads times.

How do I know if an advert is programmatic or “normal display”?

Well, you kind of don’t! Not 100% anyway, next occasion you see an advert on a web page – take a second or two to consider it and believe, could it be a targeted advert based on programmatic about you, your section and likelihood to be an ideal individual to click on it – or is it just inventory purchased on a spray and pray display – where volume or propagating the message as far and wide as potential, will drive the traffic or conversions your path.

Is marketing that is programmatic the future of advertising?

As someone who works client side, then isn’t it appropriate that we’d want campaigns and our advertising to be advertised at the right time for them in the circumstance, to the correct form of person and location that they digest their media? Then my reply is yes!

Programmatic promotion is moving swiftly to the spheres TV, radio and out of home (OOH) advertisements, it’s not quite there in terms of display advertising only yet, but all of the background data that supports those media outlets is already there, it simply needs to be used and “welcomed” by publishers – but it surely is going to be really soon!

I still consider there is a place for the “old stock display” manner of shopping for advertisement space, that could be properly used for more brand consciousness – in terms of having a brand that offers plenty of different merchandises to distinct audiences. For me personally, I’ll be focusing my planning on programmatic!

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