Target Mobile Advertising with Branded Geofences

Are You Reaching Your Targeted Demographic?

Engaging consumers with targeted mobile advertising isn’t an exact science. Will a coupon prompt a viewer to take actions? Or is content that is targeted more convincing? And who is your target audience? Generation X? Baby Boomers? Marketers are attempting to figure it all out!

In accordance with Nielsen’s second-quarter 2017 Connected Device Report, the motivating element in an advertising varies depending on generation. For Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers, they are propelled by an advertisement using a coupon or promotion. Nevertheless, the Greatest Generation and Generation Z are moved by targeted content.

Astonishingly, the recent study found that 42 percent of Generation Zers and 44 percent of Millennials who use smartphones are OK with mobile advertising provided the content they’re participating is free as well as their data plan doesn’t take a hit consequently. Another key finding, 32 percent of Generation Z and Millennials are far more inclined to select an ad that doesn’t redirect them to another site or take them outside of the program.

How do marketers bridge the generational divide? Understand your audience and engage them with related content. Naturally, offering something to them, like a mobile advertisement, never hurts! Contact us today.

Geofencing Mobile Advertising

Geofencing means your advertising only exhibits within a specific radius of the certain goal. Through UpSnap’s proven technology, your advertisement will display within space of whatever location you specify, whether it’s your own place of business, a landmark as well as a special zip code. Targeting starts at a 5-mile radius and then grows outward based on your own specifications.

Beginning at just $100 per month, you can begin displaying your advertisement to cellular phone users within proximity of your place of business, driving foot traffic to your own door instantly.

Time your advertising to appear! If you’re a business just like a spa or a restaurant and you’re looking to drive traffic in a specific time of day, your advertising can run only throughout the time of day which you specify. Get exposure to potential customers – in the proper time, and in the best location.

Pitney Bowes introduced Branded Geofences, the data layers that make it easy to target location-based mobile advertising with absolute precision.

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