Program Spotlight: Public Relations Program

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We are able to help your public relations breakthrough the traditional and social media sound.

Spotlight Communications is among the very most commonly accepted Boston public relations agencies. We specialize in industry catastrophe and government public relations. Through our vast network, we make your business’s message breakthrough social media noise and the traditional. The message will command attention and influence members of the press, public, investors, workers and other key stakeholders, for maximum marketing.

Media strategies that help develop mutually beneficial relationships between their various audiences and organizations are developed by our team. Our PR portfolio comprises:

  • Collateral Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Speech Writing
  • Media Campaigns
  • Media Positioning
  • Social Media Campaigns

Public relations includes all of the behind the scene work in reputation management of a company. As opposed to Advertising, where the company is trying to sell you a product, a PR professional helps inform the public about why they should buy that product from this company. They do this through writing, video, photography, radio, or online. If you love to talk to new people and work creatively in all different kind of markets, PR might be the industry for you.

Students in the School of Digital Media’s Television and Digital Media Production program at Ferris State University produced this feature.

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