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Why a Master of Entrepreneurship?

When we interviewed technology entrepreneurs before designing the Michigan Master of Entrepreneurship (MsE) software, we found that many of them had started working on their enterprises without registering in courses or pursuing business degrees. While they eventually discovered by trial and error, many false starts and redirections might have been avoided using a complete knowledge of startup dynamics.

The curriculum they needed didn’t exist, the complete skill set they demanded was not available in college classrooms. That’s why we designed the MsE. By comprehending the principles inherent enterprise startups and small-scale businesses, many mistakes can be avoided, shortening the “school of hard knocks” into an accelerated course to an entrepreneurial life.

We placed the program to handle the most challenging kind of entrepreneurship: building a business around new hard-science technologies. See the Curriculum tab to get a description of the training received by our MsE pupils.

Graduates of the program understand the fundamental principles underlying technology translation and therefore are prepared not just for their first launch, but also to get a future rich with new enterprises.

The Master of Entrepreneurship program will remain available to all formerly admitted students. For more information on other master’s degrees available, please visit The College of Engineering’s Graduate Degrees and Programs and Ross School of Business’s Programs. To learn more about the Master in Entrepreneurship program at Michigan, or to apply, visit