Innovation & Entrepreneurship Master’s Program

A lot of people have “ideas but it has a true boss into the real world and to take new products and solutions from the kingdom of risk. In a world increasingly focused by start-up critical than ever that enterprise, tradition -minded people develop the acumen to have a notion to complete. Our Invention of science program can offer you using the abilities essential to switch novel concepts into reality if you have a perspective.

You’ll discover facets of product design and development to suit the requirements of a global market that are rapidly changing. Real-world jobs will highlight how to apply innovative strategies and capabilities to active companies in need of a new viewpoint, and integrate technology into whatever endeavor you determine to follow. And Full Holiday University’s Career Development department has when your qualified course – increase not only while you’re students experts and solutions that will help you. Click here to request additional program information about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship master’s degree.

Program director Ron Cook explains what students can expect from Full Sail University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship degree program.

If you have a concept for a tech-based business that you think would thrive in the digital realm — or a relentless creative drive you want to bring to the business world — this program can introduce you to planning tools and forward-thinking strategies to help you build out your dream venture.

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