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Our main focus is to guide the raising of “Seed Funding” for SMBs, StartUps, and Entrepreneurs using Cloud and Crowdsourcing Technology. We are in the Networking Age ( relationship formation ) not the ” Information Age” (accumulating data). VCs and Angles pass their B+ and A- candidates to us for Advice and Counsel to build their business venture to the point that they can build and successfully achieve a CrowdFunding Campaign. This is a Strategic Validation of the business concept and the Market (Crowd) in a ” proof of concept “. The Crowd is never wrong and along with that path, the “fine tuning” process is a natural bi-product of the CF Campaign. Are you?

Are you an SMB, Entrepreneur or a Start-up business? Is your business striving to get to the next level and succeed? Do you want to a attract and build supportive crowds, investors and key business management to fund your initiatives at this early “seed” or “incubator” phase? Would you like to have a trusted, guaranteed, tested and proven solution before you launch your project?

It is absolutely critical that you are armed with a feasibility and proof of concept study that validates your ideas are sound and there is a quantifiable marketplace for your Products/Services. This includes:

1) Post web-based business ideas and get real actual feedback.
2) Attract potential co-founders to work on the idea
3) Collaborate online using the Lean Startup Toolkit
4) Crowdfund your project from investors – It’s a social network for entrepreneurs meets online collaboration.All rolled into one

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