How To Advertise To Millennials

If there’s anything we’ve learned from millennials consumer behavior, it’s that they tend to filter contents based on their needs. To effectively advertise to millennials, we need to show up where and when they are actually looking for it.

Other tips include:

1. Content Product Placements (Blogs, Videos, Tweets etc)

You know how big advertisers are now maximizing the usage of product placements in movies and video games. It’s a similar concept albeit on a lower scale. Leveragingmillennials trust in online celebrities, you can approach popular content producers to get coverage on your brand. While getting them to verbally endorse your product would be great, just getting featured in their content is good enough.

Nick, a popular Pokemon Go YouTuber through his channel Trainer Tips, for example, list down the gears he used in his videos in the description. Once in a while, he receives items such as power bank, solar charger and even t-shirts as a show of support to his channel.

He features and uses them in his daily quest playing and streaming the mobile game.

2. Reviews (Review Blogs, Unboxing Videos, Etc)

Plenty of people does reviews to get a living. Whether it’s unboxing videos a tech review site, food blog or yelp reviewers, all these folks can be reached so they cover your offerings. Again, millennials have a tendency to trust accounts from a third party instead of from the business itself.

One thing to consider here is that reviews are supposed to be unbiased, meaning it needs to include some of the trade-offs of your merchandise. Which is fine considering where we are going.

3. Honest Advertising

Discussing tradeoffs, millennials understands that nothing is perfect. In case you just advertise all of the information that is great about your offerings, you inclined to be trusted and you will be scrutinized by millennials for defects.

Choosing pointers from our Genuine Advertising post, it’s a great situation to contain a few of the lackings along with the great things that your offerings may have. They key will be to identify your target customer and emphasizing the defects that they head. Millennials place the high value on making choices that are educated as well as the disadvantages are equally as significant as the pros.

4. Answer Query-Based Sites And Forums

Millennials tend to get an unbiased view on public query-based websites, for example, Yahoo Answers Quora, Reddit or market -specific newsgroups.

Pay attention to these sites and be prepared to incorporate a favorable answer of your own when questions related to your offering pops up. Also, attempt to Google keywords associated with your brand. For example, we might Google for keywords like “wikishared feedback” or “wikishared review” or even matters like “ SEO tools that are best ”.

See if query-based sites are among the results and you can also add an opinion based on your own frank report on your product. Additionally, it is a good practice to include a disclaimer to clarify if you’re posting as one /affiliated with the brand that you possess.

5. SEO/Content Marketing

Googling is a standard practice for millennials when they want to know just about anything. You can indirectly advertise to millennials by creating contents answering questions they type into Google.

Optimize the contents and rank it high on the right keywords in search engines and you’ll be sending millennials with interest from Google to your own site. This is also known as inbound marketing where it is the opposite of traditional “push” marketing. In inbound marketing, you are pulling customers in out of their own interest.

6. Ride Trending Topic

Pay attention to what’s now trending and jump on the bandwagon just as possible. By creating ads and social networking posts discreetly referencing to the topic you’ll possess an enjoyable and casual manner of marketing your products which appeal to millennials. Needless to say, time is critical and you also should get it right. You won’t seem as trendy in the event the advertising you roll out is too late a week or you might be utilizing the references in the incorrect circumstance.

It’s a double-edged strategy off playing it safe, so if you’re not completely convinced what you’re doing, you.

If you notice a trending subject starts to get traction, look it up in sites such as KnowYourMeme or the Out Of The Loop subreddit. Also, check out the Fellow Kids subreddit for cautionary tales.

7. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is an effective advertising method to target millennials, despite some might think that it’s a little bit creepy.

Basically what it does, is it tracks the visitors browsing your site (people showing interest) but didn’t complete any purchase. You can then send targeted ads to the individuals through advertising and social networks to remind them. Because they’ve already shown a sign of interest in the first place,your ads will be much more noticeable.

In cases where they forgot or simply need a little nudge in order to complete a purchase, retargeting ads will work wonders in converting them into customers. This, of course, taking into consideration the short attention span of most millennials.

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