How to Advertise on Google AdSense – Step by Step

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Google AdSense is an application that website owners can use to earn money from their respective websites. The ads the application displays on a website are related to attractiveness and the website ‘s content to particular features of its visitors, which makes it a useful solution for bringing target traffic to your own site. To make your company appear first to sign up to the advertisers’ program, Google AdWords.

1. Sign in with your Google account or click “Create account” if you do not have one.

2. Click “Billing” from the top menu bar, then click “Billing preferences. Type in your payment details and VAT information, then click “Billing” again, this time followed by “Make payments.” Type in an amount you want to add to your advertising account, then click “Continue” and approve the payment on the next screen

3. Click “Campaigns | All on-line Campaigns | New campaign.” Fill in the information on your advertising campaign, including a name, a budget for your own campaign, networks, and devices on which you need the ads to be revealed, plus the places. Click “Save when done, and continue”.

4. Create an advertisement. Type in a name for this particular ad group — for instance, if video games are sold by you, you could create a different advertising group for each platform that is popular. Type in a description headline and destination URL for the ad in the text boxes that are applicable, then type in keywords for this particular advertisement group. These connect to the searches Google is made in by your potential customers. Ordinarily, the more relevant the keyword, the more powerful and expensive it will be.

5. Type in the maximum you want to bid on those keywords in the “Ad group bids ” section. When done click “Save ad group”. Your ad will go live once approved by Google. Now you can create new campaigns and advertising groups as required.