Graduate Programs in Communication, Public Relations, and Journalism

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The doctrine of the Public Relations (J:PR) plan is the fact that practitioners have to be versed in all of the diverse communication forces. Majors are thus advised to take appropriate course work in other disciplines, along with associated studies from company to sociology, in other schools and departments.

We establish relationships. We create links, ease dialogues and encourage respectful understanding between organizations as well as the varied communities they must reach. Through tactical problem solving, critical thinking and research, we discover the way to deliver the proper message through the proper channels at the right time to the crowd that is proper.

The public relations sequence provides hands-on learning opportunities in and out from the classroom. Our pupils write, plan, believe, construct, create. They ask questions, they acquire insight plus they tune into and shape the entire world around them.

Told by means of a faculty grounded in business experience that generates globally recognized scholarship, public relations majors at the School of Communication and Journalism are challenged to excel in communicating clearly across platforms to manage client problems.

Bureaus and owned and organizations in many different disciplines recruit our graduates due to their understanding of the way to work with made media meet challenges in a globalized environment and to support organizational goals.

Student organizations comprise Allen Hall Public Relations (AHPR) and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

Learn about graduate programs in Communication Management, Global Communication, Strategic Public Relations, Journalism, Specialized Journalism, Online Digital Communities, and Public Diplomacy with USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism representative Fernando Peña.

Fernando Peña will also discuss the USC-FIDERH and USC-FUNED agreements which establish scholarships for Mexicans at the USC Annenberg School for Communications.

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