Geofencing and Interest-Based Targeting Add Relevance To Ad Experience

Let us help you find your audience! With the power of Geofencing

Now is the time for “Smarter” advertising that is mobile. Marketing is all about choosing the right man for your message. Who may associate, making it and your messaging connect a useful advertisement expertise? Everyone wins using a relevant advertising experience.

Mobile advertising can be relevant those who see it by using the Geofencing technology you. As well as location using geofences adding relevance to advertising that is mobile so does add interest. For example, if you’re a shoe company that is running let’s focus on a marathon using geofencing and health and sports minded individuals using interest targeting. That strategy would create a better advertising experience for the individual engaging with it as well as both advertisers.

As Nielsen states – Consumers aren’t simply buying online information is being found by them or seeing brand info and going into physical locations to produce purchase. What this means is using place around stores is just as significant too. Geofencing advertisements that are cellular around where you are and others such as events or the contest must be two different strategies.

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