Duke University’s Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The undergraduate certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) is designed to supply students with a pathway to pursue a demanding cross-disciplinary study of innovation and entrepreneurship that will be interchangeable to any major and will empower pupils to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their of the quest of knowledge in service of society. The certification needs an in-depth course of the study analyzing the theories of entrepreneurship and innovation, coupled with hands-on practice in both areas.

Entrepreneurship and innovationare areas of cross-disciplinary inquiry, therefore the certification will draw on circumstances, theory, and strategies from the subjects. The certification builds on the already-existing emphasis of knowledge in service of society which is occurring inside the pupils’ majors and co-curricular activities, to further improve pupils’ skills to learn more about the intricate issues being faced by our world also to develop advanced solutions to address those issues.

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