Careers in Health Informatics


Health informatics is among the fastest growing career fields. By combining their abilities in information and public health, many significant and unique roles can be undertaken by health informatics professionals.

Resources for MHI Students

Livelihood services resources in both the School of Information (UMSI) and School of Public Health (SPH) are open to master’s degree students. Also, MHI students may take full advantage of workshops, employer presentations, and much more in both schools.

For more information, visit the UMSI Career Development and the SPH Graduate Career Development pages.

Careers in Health Informatics

Forecasts of national demand provide a powerful indication of the high amount of future demand in the field of health informatics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, jobs that employment in health informatics and related disciplines will grow almost 17% from 2014-2024, substantially quicker than average for all professions.

Their activities will reflect the placement of the plan to prepare leaders in the vanguard of a field that is dynamic.

  • Grads with interests in human behavior may lead strategy and visioning for brand new ways of leveraging information to market the progress of individual health actions.
  • People with entrepreneurial aspirations may lead the development of applications or systems that improve the ways consumers and clinicians use and access information.
  • Functions may be found by those with interests that are technical as system analysts and programmers, consultants, program designers, and entrepreneurs.
  • People with analytical and quantitative skills can become quality advancement analyzers, data miners, evaluation specialists, or public and clinical health research workers.
  • Policy-minded graduates can be a part of a fresh generation of informatics- participate with ongoing health reform and enabled policy analysts.
  • Those who enter the program in the health professions will probably be capable of assuming positions as nursing medical, or public health tips or technology officials who envision new solutions to delivery and medical care.

MHI Employment Report

The University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) Career Development Office surveys our graduates to identify their post-graduation plans and outcomes. This report summarizes first-destination employment outcomes from 2015 Health Informatics HI graduates who completed the survey by the deadline or for whom a known outcome was reported in other ways. Of the HI students who graduated in 2015, 100% responded to the survey or reported their outcomes in other ways. Read the entire 2016 MHI Employment Report(link is external) to find out where graduates are working, in what industries they’re employed, their average salary and more.


SBMI Associate Dean for Academic Affairs explores the many opportunities for a career in health informatics.

01:08 – What is Health Informatics (HI)?
02:26 – Where do HI employees work?
03:13 – What kind of roles do HI workers fill?
04:53 – What skills do you need?
06:32 – What type of HI education is available in Texas?
08:16 – Is a HI workforce needed?
08:37 – How is HI improving the job market?

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