Google stated that they “we’re beginning to work with HTTPS as a sign that was standing.”Google is an enormous promoter of online security, and it has called for “ HTTPS everywhere about the net.” But it would be a good idea to understand that Google might reward websites that help make the Internet and would like to support a safer Internet a safer place sooner rather than later. If Google determines to make this a leading factor – that is rank unsecured sites could find their rankings fall.


SSL Certifications put in a level of security that protects against online threats. This secure layer keeps some other data which is transmitted between your site and also the user’s computer or hackers from stealing your user’s info. It’s recommended that companies who use their site to deal with sensitive information have an SSL certificate. For example, Ecommerce businesses rely on users to input shipping address information, credit card info, and other private information when buying products.

Non-E-Commerce sites can be at risk as well. If your website Won’t have an SSL Certificate, in case your site runs on the contact form or newsletter sign from the information sent from those forms can be at an increased risk.


SSL Certificates keep a site safe. There have been many reports in the news about big businesses that have had security breaches where customer info was stolen.

Websites which have SSL Certificates installed exhibit particular symbols such as a Padlock image on a green bar in the most truly effective browser bar, this shows the site is secured using an SSL Certificate. URL address that is secured will also start with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP, checking that the domain name is secure and your info is protected. These symbols signify trust.

Studies have shown that see a padlock symbol or green bar when connected to a website are more likely to depart a site and bounce right to some rival who has invested in an SSL Certification. Investing in a secure website might get an enormous impact on web conversions and web traffic.



SSL encrypts information sent between your site and a visitor’s web browser to ensure it can’t be read as it’s sent from the other side of the net.

Without realizing it if you purchased anything online, you’ve more than likely employed SSL. Most web browsers show a green bar with the padlock symbol when you’re seeing a website over SSL, and that means you know the connection is secure.

Most online shoppers wish to know that their information is safe and are extremely attentive. Using an SSL certificate provides two things that are important:

  • Encryption of sensitive data like credit card numbers and private advice
  • Some assurance to your customers that you will be trustworthy (the process of having an SSL certificate can’t ensure this, but nevertheless, it may allow it to be more likely which is part of the reason visitors have this perception)

Where to buy an SSL Certificate?

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